I was chatting with another adoptive mom today via FB message.  She made a comment that she was so weary of the constant stress of dealing with her AS (adopted son) 16.  In and out of the home, inappropriate behaviors towards her other children and at school, and just the constant day to day thought of ‘what is next?’

I get it.  Waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Walking on eggshells.  Not sleeping at night waiting for that next phone call.  Hearing noises and wondering if they are up causing some type of damage.

This mom made a comment which made me realize what this is all about.  Now those of you who are not believers should just check out of this one now because I’m going down a path you may not like.   She said something to the effect of ‘where is God?’

It came to me in an instant.  Ephesians 6.  The battle is in the heavenlies.  Yes, we are fighting the day to day here on earth but the real battle is between Yahweh and the enemy. And what is that battle?  The same one that has been fought since day one.  The same battle Job fought.  The battle for YOU!  The enemy wants you.  He wants you to do exactly what Job’s wife said, “curse Yahweh and die!”

I can imagine how happy the enemy is when some strong believer travels to a foreign country to adopt.  They “know” they are doing “God’s will”.  We did.  We were convinced.  Then you bring home this child/teen, or more than one, and think, “we are walking the walk”.  Then all hell breaks loose.  And your family lives in terror.  Your life is turned upside down and here you are, not sleeping, not concentrating, completely on edge 24/7.  Your family has been and is being violated.

So who is it really wants this?  As days go by and I hear from more and more parents living the nightmare I’m convinced it is the enemy.  And he is having his way with all of us.  We are bringing his servants right into our homes (and we pay many thousands for this and sometimes go deep into debt to do it – something as believers we are never supposed to do).  And once they are here it is almost impossible to get them out.  We are one of the lucky families.  We only have 160 more days until she turns 18.  Some families still have many, many years ahead of them.

Having one or more of these children/teens in your home I know realize that the enemy uses them every day to break us down.  Further and further.  Until one day – he hopes – that we will ‘curse Yahweh and die’.  That is his only mission on this earth.  To load so much crap on a believer that they cave.


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