The Enemy is Hereby Served Notice!


For those of you who have read my blog in the past it has been primarily about our adoption journey.  I’ve talked about a lot of hard things that many people just don’t talk about when it comes to adopting a child or teen into your family.  In some ways it would have been much easier to just keep quiet.  Not rock the boat.  Keep a smile on my face.  Not allow people in to our life.  Not feel and hear the backlash from people who don’t agree with me.

This past three years has opened much more than I thought.  It has caused me to reflect back on my entire life and made me realize that until this journey I was that person who just kept quiet.  I thought myself small.  No voice.  Unworthy.  Going through this trauma has opened up my voice.  Somewhat anyway.   Now that I am past a lot of it I was made to look deep inside.  I didn’t like what I saw.  It scared me.  Most of all, it saddened me.

You see, there is an enemy in this world.  He loves the dark, the secrets, the hidden.  He wants to silence the voices.  The voices of truth.  I see clearly how he has worked from the time I was very young to silence my voice.  The adoption journey has freed me from that restraint and I now see so clearly his lies and manipulations.  No more.  Through the trauma which dragged me kicking and screaming into a personal growth journey to today where the blinders have been taken off my eyes.  I have been a victim of the lies he has told me.  I believed him.  I believed what he said about me, about my past and most importantly, about my future.

I now know the truth and YES, the truth does set one FREE!  I am now living in that freedom and I want every person who reads my blog to live in that freedom!  So I will write about the hard things.  The things that he wants kept hidden, secret, in the dark places. The light WILL shine.

So this is my official notice to the enemy.  That in the Holy Name of Yahweh he is served. That in the Powerful Name of Yahshua who defeated the enemy at the stake he is served. I no longer believe his lies and deceptions and I will speak the truth, no matter what!  I will lay open my mistakes and faults and life so that others will be freed from the prison of his making.  That circumstances do NOT define me or anyone else.  That because we are a victim doesn’t mean we must live as one.  That through the Power and Might of Yahshua we can rise above and turn evil into good.  For His purpose, to serve others.

So this blog now begins a new chapter.  Opening up the doors to the past and shining a bright light on the darkness.  Freedom.  Finding my voice.  Turning trials into lessons and finding purpose.

Welcome to my life.  I’m shaking in my slippers, but standing strong.  And, as always, I am praying in deep gratitude for wisdom, understanding, knowledge, humility and protection from my Savior.  No matter what, I trust and I obey.

Remembering that this…..this is…..Simply My Opinion



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  1. P STCLAIR says:

    I found the book Trusting God When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges a real life changer. Please consider taking it. All my sorrow and pain came into such clarity.

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