Why We Walked Away from Christmas

We are pretty low-key about how our family does holidays mostly because we don’t do them at all.  Some people notice.  People notice when you don’t post pictures in front of the tree, send cards or talk about your holiday.  They wonder when you don’t say Merry Christmas.  Someone noticed the other day and asked.  I know for every one that asks there are many that wonder but don’t ask.  So here it is.  For those of you interested.  This is our story.

Many years ago I was in the kitchen preparing our Easter breakfast feast.  The children were happily playing with the stuff from the baskets they has recently found through our annual scavenger hunt.  The ham was in the fridge waiting to go into the oven for dinner.  Colored eggs were on the table for anyone who wanted them.  Tom sat at the table on his laptop talking to me while I cooked.  Little did he know the words out of his mouth would change things so drastically for our family.  Why do we do all of this?  Do all of what I asked.  Easter.  You know, Jesus died and was resurrected.  No, he said.  The other stuff.  Bunnies and baskets and eggs.  I shrugged my shoulders, no clue.  Why don’t you look it up?  So he did.  And our world as we knew it flipped.

Give me a bit of information and I’m like a dog with a bone.  Yes, I did just refer to myself as a dog – ha ha.  So like that dog I can’t let it go.  I have to keep at it until I know everything there is to know about it.  So started years of reading and researching.  I read the Bible through and through, over and over again.  I read other historical materials and researched the true meanings of words.  Simple words like “ALL” and “Entire” and “World”.  Words that we think mean one thing but really mean something entirely different in the context of when they were written.  As we learned, we made decisions.  We had to.  We couldn’t live the same once we were given information.  We had to choose.  The question of do we live the same and know we are being disobedient or do we change?  Who do we choose to follow.  UGH!  Very tough decisions, especially when it comes to these holidays and you have children.

After learning the truth about Easter and making the decision that it would be our last year doing that the next logical thing to look at was Christmas.  Was that going to be the same thing?  What we found was even worse.  Real references in the Bible that we hold so dear to decorated evergreen trees in Jeremiah.  Many, many years before the Savior was even born.  When the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were still in its land, before Babylon captured them.  Jeremiah warning them to get rid of the paganism or they would follow in their brothers, the northern tribes, footsteps.  (The northern 10 tribes had been taken into captivity many years previous due to their mixing paganism into worship of Yahweh).

Then reading more about the mixing of several pagan religions with the new religion of Christianity in the mid-300’s by Constantine who was simply trying to solidify his rule and bring all of the factions to one religion to make his life easier.  That all of the fun things we look forward to were old pagan traditions re-clothed to make the pagans in Roman times happy.  That December 25th was the traditional sun-god day of worship, full of so many horrible things I won’t post them here.  That even the name Christmas is pagan and means celebrating killing the anointed one.   Then add the word “Merry” and you basically have “I’m happy they killed the anointed one”.   And by the way, at the time the anointed one could have meant any one of several “high” gods of the time, Yahshua (Jesus) being only one of them to appease the Christians.

We learned the truth of why the Israelites were sent into captivity, a captivity they are still in to this day.  It was their stubborn refusal to give up the pagan traditions that they had adopted over the years.  Yahweh demanded they worship Him the way He wanted to be worshiped, not the way they wanted to worship Him.  They refused.  He acted.  We are still paying the price for that disobedience.  And we are continuing in those old ways today.

The puritans who came to America did so because they knew the truth and wanted a life without those pagan traditions.  It didn’t take long before those traditions crept back in.  Satan is sly.  I said to Tom years ago that the enemy is smart.  He doesn’t hold up obviously pagan things and say, here you want these, right?  He dresses cute little girls in Easter dresses and bonnets.  He says put a manger under your tree and call it Jesus’ birthday.  He convinces us with the smiles of our children on Christmas morning.  All the while knowing that Yahweh is seething with anger at our disobedience.  That 3,000 years later we have not learned our lesson.  That even our churches have Easter egg hunts and sunrise services (sun god).  Our churches lead the way into paganism instead of preaching against it.  Embrace it and make it ours they say.  Let’s turn something bad into something for God!

Problem with that is we are not allowed to take something pagan and make it into something good or holy.  It’s way, way above our pay grade.

That is our story.  I’ve kept a website going through these years to chronicle the information.  As much for my benefit as for others.  Many people email me and tell me they’ve been on their own journey of discovery of the truth.  If you would like to know more you can visit it by clicking here.

Whether you keep these holidays or not is the choice of your family.  We will never judge you.  As I end most of my website pages I will end this blog post today.

As Joshua said, as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh.


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