Yahweh Smiles!

I love it when Yahweh smiles at me.  Little smiles, big smiles.  It shows me that He is present in my life.  That He is right here, loving on me.  Showing that He cares.  Sometimes it’s as simple as driving home late at night, tired and as I pull onto the highway I notice so much traffic but none where I am.  And all the way home the traffic stays 1/4 mile in front and behind me.  The entire length of 696.  That’s a smile from Him.  Telling me that He is keeping me safe and sound.

A few weeks ago a big smile came my way.  I told a bit of the story then but can now tell the whole glorious tale.

For months I have been heart sick.  Even back in Ukraine when we finally realized that we 11016635_10206319021920525_1635659296_nwere not going to be able to bring Kristina back with us I was sick.  Leaving her in a war-torn country, without even being able to talk with her kept me awake at night.  Knowing I exhausted all options should have helped, but didn’t.  I was leaving my child behind.  The flight home was bittersweet.  So happy to be home.  So grateful to have gotten three out of there but still there was that empty place.  And the feeling that I let her down.

Coming home, as you know, was filled with craziness.  Police, school, running away, hateful outbursts and more.  How could we possibly bring another teenager into a home filled up with 6 of them already?  And four of them filled to the brim with trauma?  I lay awake at night, thinking about Kristina.  I’m not one to give up on anyone or anything.  Hard is not in my language.  But this, another trip or two back to Ukraine.  Leaving my growing family behind again.  More money.  It was all so overwhelming.

One Saturday night a few weeks ago I lay awake running everything through over and over again.  Then I stopped.  Yahweh had the answer.  I just had to ask.  So I did.  I laid it all out.  Yahweh you know our hearts.  You know our commitment.  You know we will do whatever You ask us to do.  No matter what.  Please show me a clear sign on this.  If You want us to go back to Ukraine to get her we will do it, no questions asked.  If we are not supposed to do it please show me clearly so I can have peace about it.  I promptly fell asleep, knowing my request was in good hands.

The next morning I woke up before everyone and went on Facebook to post some stuff on our detox boot camp.  Before long a message popped up from a friend of mine who had adopted a teen boy last year.  A boy we had hosted and advocated for.  She had just started a hosting organization of her own and was very passionate about finding homes for teen orphans.  We chatted a bit and then she said that they were adopting again and did I know of a girl about 14 years of age that was available?  Did I?

After asking if they would like to take over the adoption of Kristina she told me that she had fallen in love with her when she first saw her picture that I posted last year.  Truly a match made in Heaven!  By our Heavenly Father!  Yahweh smiled!  I got my answer!  I have been at peace ever since.  Thank you Father!

NOW!  For the specifics and I pray that all of you who read my posts will do a couple of things.  Pray and help financially this amazing family, the Dulocks!  Yes!  Many of you know Joe and Shannon Dulock and their son Z who they adopted from Odessa region last year.  They are taking on the task of adopting Kristina.  And there are some big things that need to happen very quickly because of the war.

They have contacted an attorney who is helping them get her moved out of that region but it is an extra $3,000 to do that.  And they have to get their home study updated, and submit their dossier to Ukraine.  All of that takes lots of money.  I would appreciate it so very, very much if you would take some time to visit these two links to help support them.

The first is their adoption Facebook site where you can follow their journey if you wish.  The second is the webpage for their hosting organization.  There you can donate to their adoption fund for Kristina.

Dulock Family Facebook Page

Hearts Wide Open for Children Hosting

Thank you for being a part of bringing this orphan home to her forever family!  And thank Yahweh for His amazing plan and purpose!

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